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SEO Off-Page is a website optimization process carried out by a webmaster outside the main website (money site). Usually this can be done in the form of a backlink to the main website with keywords, for example digital marketing. This optimization will help with SEO On-Page efforts that focus on improving your website’s internal factors.

Backlink are a major factor in off-page optimization. Like a bridge that connects the world of the internet with your website, backlink can help you increase your website’s ranking. Usually the number of backlink you have can also affect how search engines evaluate the reputation of your website.

Below are some ways of SEO off-page optimization for websites that you can do:

  1. Link BuildingLink building is an activity to get links from other websites (backlink). Backlink are one of the main assessment factors for Google because the number of links from various relevant websites indicates that the website comes from a trusted source. There are several things you need to pay attention when doing link building:
    • Domain Authority and Page AuthorityThe quality of these backlink is measured using a scale known as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). DA is a score used to predict a website’s chances of ranking on Google. Meanwhile, PA is a score that shows the chances of a website’s page being in the top ranking of Google. Both have a scale from 1-100.

      This rating is based on the age of the domain, popularity, site content, and the quality of the domain or website content. The bigger the number the better. You can use this number to choose your site when doing link building.

    • Link Dofollow and NofollowThere are two types of links that you need to know when creating backlink. First, there is a dofollow link that Google will read and use to rank up to the domain and page authority of a website. Then there are nofollow links that Google will not use to rank a site. You can check if the link is dofollow or nofollow using the NoFollow extension from Google Chrome.
    • Anchor TextAnchor text is text that contains links that direct visitors to other pages. Google reads anchor text to gauge the relevance between the keywords it uses and the links attached to those words. For example, if you want to direct readers to an article on your website about SEO, you should use the anchor text “SEO”.

      However, you also have to be careful in using it, because excessive use of anchor text can also raise suspicion and even penalty from Google.

    • TrafficTraffic or the number of visits to a website is also important when doing link building, especially when exchanging links with other websites. This is because traffic figures can also determine the number of visitors who will click on a website link that has been added to another website.
    • Relevance to WebsiteExchanging links with your friends or colleagues websites may not be a problem, as long as you can customize the topic to your website.
  2. Pay attention to Local SEOLocal SEO is a way to show your business in Google local searches. A local SEO strategy makes it easier for customers to find your business because it displays the full business name along with its address and contact details.

    In addition, local SEO also allows visitors to provide value to your business products and services. With this indicator, Google to recommend your business to more visitors.

  3. Share to Social MediaYou can use social media to share notifications after you post new content or articles on your website. If you get a good response, Google can get a signal that the content you post is of interest to others.
  4. Cooperating with Online MediaYou can also do this step for SEO off-page optimization on your website. If your company recently had an achievement, collaboration, or event, you can create a press release to share with online media and create a backlink to your website.
  5. Sending Email MarketingEmail marketing is often used by marketers or business owners to promote their products and services. This is because interactions with email marketing are considered more personal and can generate more responses from email recipients. You can use this method to attach content or articles to further optimize SEO off-page on your website.
  6. Product ReviewsReviews of your product and business also have an important impact on off-page SEO. The more positive the reviews, the higher their role in your website SEO off-page. However, customers are often lazy to provide product reviews. To overcome this, you can hold a giveaway program so that customers are motivated to write reviews about your product. You can direct them to a review on their respective blogs or on certain review sites.

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