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Differences between parked, sub, addon, and redirect domain

Domain or domain name is a website address that you type in the browser’s URL field to open a website. Domains work the same as street names in addresses, which providing information to the GPS system to show directions to a place. When you are managing a domain inside a website hosting control panel, you can see there are an option to add parked domain, sub domain, addon domain and redirect domain. We will explain the differences between of those kind domain.

Parked domain
An alias domain or parked domain is one or more domains that you own, but do not contain any content. You can point these domains to the same website page. For the example, your main website is You also own the domain When someone opens the domain, and, they will see the same website page, which is

A subdomain is a child domain from a main domain. For example, the name of your website is Then, you create a blog page on the website. You can create a blog website file and place it in the main domain directory So, other people can access the blog page via the site.

Addon domains
Addon domains are domains that are added to the hosting of your website. So, you can manage multiple domains in one hosting. For example, you have two different websites, and To be more cost-effective, you can put the two websites to manage on the same hosting account.

Redirect Domain
Redirect domain is redirecting a domain or subdomain to another domain. For the example you have a domain Since the page is no longer relevant to your current business, you’ll want to redirect to When someone clicks on, they are redirected into the page. In this domain redirect feature, you can also redirect the domain temporarily or permanently.

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