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Golang Framework

There are a lot of framework that written in Golang. Here the list of Golang Framework.

  • Gin : Gin is a minimalist framework commonly used for single page application development. Gin only provides libraries and main code functions. So, development is done with small memory. Even if it’s minimalist, Gin remains flexible. Because, you can add functionality by creating new middleware or plugins. To do it, modify the available code samples.
  • Martini : Martini is an Golang framework designed for web development. Martinis have flexible upgrade options. This framework is designed to run multiple commands without consuming a lot of server resources. Therefore, Martini is suitable for developing small to large projects quickly. In terms of flexibility, Martini offers the convenience for adding plugins. So, the basic components of a Martini can be developed for your long term project needs. Martini also provides several routing methods that support various data formats.
  • Beego : Beego is a framework commonly used for the development of back end websites, website applications, and complex REST API. Beego has the Bee Tool feature which is used to compile, testing, and deployment code automatically. Beego also provides an Object Relation Mapping (ORM) feature that can access the database without calling a query. So, this feature can speed up the development of large application projects that require a lot of queries. In terms of flexibility, Beego is easy to customize. Because, Beego has a complete plugin. Starting with session control plugins, caching, logging, to performance checks.
  • Echo : Echo has an Optimized router feature, this feature prioritizes HTTP routes or access to certain applications according to your settings. This access runs without dynamic memory. Echo is also equipped with various plugins that can be adapted to the needs of website applications. Echo can perform data binding whenever there is an HTTP route to your app. Data binding makes it easy for you to combine different types of data in the API. So, you don’t need to set the data manually through different program code. So when rendering using Echo, the API part will also provide various HTTP responses. Starting from JSON, XML, to HTML.
  • Revel : Revel is a popular Golang framework with very complete features. From features for small projects to large and complex projects. The superior feature of Revel is the Migration Friendly feature. This feature makes it easy for you to migrate applications from other Go web frameworks. Revel has a Reusable MVC Components features. You only need to make one component, after that you can reuse.
  • Buffalo : Buffalo is a Golang framework for developing comprehensive applications. Because, Buffalo has complete functions that support application needs back end and front end. Not only that, Buffalo also has high speed supported by Object Relational Mapping feature to speed up database processing. In addition, Buffalo also has a Websocket to receive large amounts of traffic without reducing speed. Buffalo can also migrate data from other frameworks.
  • Goji : Goji is a Golang framework that can be used for simple and lightweight API development. Because, Goji is actually one level higher than the Go Language. This framework has only important generic functions. Therefore, the performance of Goji is very fast. Goji features are supported by Einhorn (a language that provides automatic websockets). With automatic websocket, Goji can accept many data requests without reducing speed. Because, websocket has divided the data processing socket for each user.
  • Gocraft : Gocraft is a Go web framework that can be used to develop high-performance back end websites. Gocraft allows you to add function to the standard code library. You can also add different types of routing data. This flexibility can make your routing process faster. Gocraft has a Go mux feature that can combine different plugin packages according to their functionality. So, writing application development code is static.
  • Gorilla : Gorilla is a Golang framework used to develop simple to complex web applications. For example, to create a simple API that still needs to be developed. Gorilla is well known for its scalability. Because, Gorilla makes it easy for you to add a collection of modules to new function extensions without destroying the basic functions of Gorilla. Gorilla is also supported by Websocket. With the Websocket, server-client communication can run faster than HTTP. Because, there is a reduction in unnecessary network traffic.
  • Web.go : Web.go is a go web framework commonly used by developers who have many projects and need fast routing. This Golang framework is famous for its tree routing system. Tree routing system is a routing process that is based on the relationship between one data type and another. It is more effective than list routing where the process is based on function or purpose. Because when a data type is used for routing, other related data will also be processed. So, the routing process will be faster and save server resources.

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