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How to block youtube ads on smartphone and pc

Ad revenue is important for video creators but too many ads are placed before, after or in the middle of a video are irritating some users. Some YouTube users may feel the ads that show up while watching videos is very annoying. We will tell you a several ways to block ads on YouTube and make videos faster.

To block the youtube ads on the pc you can install Adblocker plugin in your browser. This plugin will not only block ads on YouTube, but also other sites that place ads. It’s important to remember that if you add some kind of blocking software to a particular browser, you have to watch YouTube videos in the same browser where the plugin installed.

To block the youtube ads on the smartphone you can install brave browser and then access the youtube inside the brave browser. Brave Browser is similar like chrome browser but it has an embedded ads blocker inside the application. This browser will not only block ads on YouTube, but also other sites that place ads. In this application you can also watch videos on Youtube without the distraction of ads. This is the advantage by using brave browser.

  1. Page load speed
    The first advantage of Brave, of course, is the loading speed of the website pages that you visit. It even faster than Google Chrome.
  2. Block ads
    The ads are blocked by Brave. So you can browse comfortably without being disturbed by the ads that appear.
  3. Save Cost and Data
    It also can save a lot cost and data because of the ads and tracking, all are blocked. We only need to load the important pages only.
  4. HTTPS Upgrades
    Brave has HTTPS upgrade capabilities. To protect your personal data, payment data, etc.
  5. Protect Privacy
    No need to bother using incognito mode. Brave has done it all. Protect your privacy, because the tracker on the website is blocked.

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