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WordPress vs wix

There are so many platforms for creating websites, in general these tools are divided into two categories called website builders and Content Management Systems (CMS). Wix is an example of a website builder, while WordPress is part of a Content Management System. Choosing the right platform to create a website is a challenge for users who are new or have never been in the world of web development. That’s why, in this article, we want to make a comparison between Wix vs WordPress.

  • Wix

Wix is a website builder that provide an easy way to create a website. You don’t need to do any coding or technical website settings. You only need to choose according to your needs. You can create a website by drag and drop inside the application. By using Wix you will be given the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (Wix ADI) feature. Wix will determine the appearance of the website according to your wishes.

  • WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allow user to create a blogs or websites with various functionalities. It is used by more than 35% of websites in the world, and this percentage will continue increasing. Website owners, editors and content creators can manage websites and publish their content through this application without having to master programming first. In general, CMS is used for blogging. However, WordPress can be modified into an eCommerce website, a portfolio website, an online newspaper, and so on.

WordPress vs wix comparison

Here are some factors to consider before choosing between WordPress and Wix. Here’s a list of the differences between WordPress and Wix:

1. Cost

  • WordPress: Free – $45/month

WordPress offers a free and paid plan. The free plan can be used to create a website with the limitation your website will use a WordPress domain ( and also the website customization is limited. The plan of premium WordPress packages for personal starts from € 4 /month. You can get access of many interesting features for your website by using wordpress.

Wordpress plan

  • Wix ( Free – $24/month )

Wix offers also provides free plan besides the paid plan. You can create a website on their platform with the limitation you cannot remove ads display, and your domain name will use Wix domain name ( Wix also offers 7 paid plan with various features, 3 of which are specifically for eCommerce.

Wix plan

2. Ease of Use

  • Wix

You don’t have to worry about learning to code when you are using Wix to create your website. Everything can be done with a click. Therefore, you only need to have artistic taste and common sense in designing. That’s why Wix is ​​perfect for those of you who maintain your own website. You can stay in control of your project or business, without losing too much time managing the web. As long as you don’t need new features and keep them updated, Wix can offer you the convenience you want.

  • WordPress

WordPress has a learning curve. You will need more time to learn WordPress to realize the convenience of its offers. Sometimes you still need to touch on coding, even for the simplest things. Sometimes you also need to re-learn when WordPress releases a new feature or issues an update. Even so, WordPress will be good for you to use in the long term. WordPress makes sure you get the latest, optimized and best service.

3. Supporting Applications or Plugins

  • Wix

Wix provides all the additional features in the form of apps. In terms of numbers, there are not many choices. There are only important features such as chat, online store, blog, member’s area, bookings, forum, paid plans, instagram feed, music, video, events, and bandsintown (concert and event schedule). However, all of the features offered are official from Wix. You just need to click the Add button to add the app to the web. Then, you can manage the appearance and content with the Manage button.

Some apps such as blogs and online stores have their own settings page (Dashboard). On that page, you will be guided step by step to fill out the web. For example, to setup an online store. You will be given seven things to do. Starting from adding products, managing payment systems and shipping area coverage, to being indexed by Google. For each successfully completed step, there is a loading bar that will increase.

  • WordPress

WordPress has thousands of plugin and theme options. To be precise, there are 55,037 plugins for you to choose. This number is actually not surprising. Especially if you remember that WordPress is open source software. This means that anyone can develop a plugin and upload it to WordPress.

It also explains why there are so many plugin options for the same feature. Because, people are competing with each other to create plugins with complete usability. The more complete a plugin is, the more it will be used by users. Because of that, there is a possibility that developers will make premium plugins for sale.

Unfortunately, the many choices can also be a drawback. Due to its open source nature, there is no quality control for WordPress plugins. You need to choose the plugin wisely and try it out to get the most comfortable to use. In addition, you also need to make sure that the plugin is always updated and compatible with the latest WordPress version.

However, all of that is worth the benefits you get. In WordPress, you can find a variety of plugins for even the smallest of tasks. For example, ensuring that the web SSL remains active. This way, you can avoid technical things that are often troublesome.

  • Advantages of Wix
  1. Easy account creation process
  2. Web elements can be added with just a click
  3. Specific features can be added through the installation of apps
  4. High quality apps
  • Disadvantages of Wix
  1. Customer data is owned by Wix and cannot be transferred
  2. Need to pay to use premium features
  3. Less flexible to use to load a lot of content
  4. The web theme cannot be changed once the website is published
  • Advantages of WordPress
  1. Unlimited theme options
  2. There are many plugins that can be installed to add features
  3. Features are always updated and optimized
  4. There is a support forum containing WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world
  • Disadvantages of WordPress
  1. Users need more time to learn WordPress to understand how to use it
  2. There are a lot of technical things to pay attention to
  3. Must be frequently updating WordPress versions, plugins, and themes

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