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How to fix apache shutdown unexpectedly

Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly could be caused the Apache port was already used in another method. Then what is the solution?

To solve the Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly can be done by changing the Apache port and SSL. First open the XAMPP Control Panel, then click Config which is in the Apache module.

Xampp error

Select Apache(httpd.conf), to change the configuration on the Apache port.

Change port xampp

Press CTRL+F and search 80. Change Listen 80 to Listen 7777 and ServerName localhost: 80 to ServerName localhost: 7777. The default Apache port in httpd.conf configuration is 80, we can change it with 8080, 8081 or 7777.

Change port xampp

Next change the SSL port, by click Config on the Apache module and then select Apache(httpd-ssl.conf).

Change port xampp

Press CTRL+F, and search 443. Change Listen 443 to Listen 444 and <VirtualHost_default_:443> to <VirtualHost_default_:444>. Default ssl port in httpd-ssl.conf configuration is 443, we can change it with 444.

Change port xampp

Now let’s try “Start” Apache module, if Apache module is green, then port change is successful and Apache module is no problem.

Xampp installation

Now you can use the XAMPP application. XAMPP is an application package that is very easy to use to support the learning process as a web developer. Here are some benefits you can get by using XAMPP.

  • XAMPP can be used as a local server for websites that are under development
  • It also can be used to test the performance of a particular feature
  • You can displaying the website without having to be connected to the internet
  • Because it can works offline and it can be used as a local server, the web contained in it cannot be accessed by many people, so it is safe to develop an application using XAMPP
  • It is provide a very friendly interface that makes this application very suitable for learning both among students and college students
  • It can be used as a preview for websites that are being developed before being hosted for public access

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