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Removed Features in Windows 11

What features were removed in Windows 11? Here are some of the features that have been removed in Windows 11:

  1. Internet ExplorerMicrosoft has completely removed Internet Explorer for Windows 11 and replaced it with Edge. The removal of IE is an attempt to push development to Microsoft Edge, the browser that is currently the most popular browser for many users. Windows 11 doesn’t include IE as a separate browser, but if you’re interested, you can give IE a try via IE Edge mode.
  2. CortanaCortana is a digital assistant that users can easily operate like Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS. By default, Cortana does not appear when a user installs Windows 11 or on the Taskbar. However, Cortana will be available as a separate Windows app with the same functionality as Windows 10.
  3. Tablet ModeWhen this mode is enabled on Windows-based tablets, Windows 10 will change its appearance to make it more user-friendly for tablet devices. Microsoft has removed the Tablet Mode feature in Windows 11.
  4. Quick StatusQuick Status allows users to display notifications such as new emails and weather conditions from selected applications directly on the PC or laptop lockscreen. The Quick Status feature was also removed from use in Windows 11. The replacement feature is a widget feature that can display various daily information such as calendars, maps, and weather predictions.
  5. Live TilesTiles function is used to group applications into tile groups on the Start menu. In addition, users can also set the size of the application as desired. But all these features are no longer used in Windows 11. Live Tiles will be replaced with pinned fields containing applications that can be accessed quickly.
  6. TimelineIn Windows 10, you can open the Timeline from the Task View button on the Taskbar. Its function is similar to the history function on the browser, but the Timeline can also display applications and documents for the next 30 days. Timeline is also a Windows 10 feature that was removed in Windows 11.
  7. Default AppsWindows 11 removed the default applications in Windows 10, such as the Snipping Tool, 3D Viewer, OneNote, Paint 3D, and Skype. Even so, for those who have this application on Windows 10 and upgrade to Windows 11 directly from Windows 10, the application will still be available.

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